Join us in the August Winter Camp, BJMA Winter Camp. This 14th, 15th and 16th of August. We’re going to be doing all sorts of carjacking, ATM holdups, all sorts of realistic self-defence techniques, things that are going to help you in every single day of your life. Join us. I’ll see you there, guys!

Bob Jones Martial Arts Zen Do Kai Winter Camp is a legendary event not to be missed.

We have a new and exciting camp prepared this year; some of the activities offered will include Commando style training with some added team building activities.

Sunday will be the challenge day where campers can challenge themselves with our Tough Mudder Obstacle Course.

You can choose to attend just the day sessions or opt for a full camp experience.

Camp will start 6:00pm on Friday, 14th of August and conclude at 3:00pm on Sunday, 16th of August. Accommodation is dormitory style and meals are prepared by a Chef.

The camp will be both fun and enjoyable teaching a range of exciting classes that will cater for all ranks. This camp is not to be missed places are limited so book early.

Commando Style Training

Knife and Gun Defence ~ Car Jacking ~ Personal and Family Protection Strategies

Weekend warrior $185
– All meals
– Training
– Accommodation

Saturday Pass $85
– All meals for the day
– Training

Sunday Day Pass $50
– Lunch
– Training

Greenwood: 15b Canham Way, Greenwood, WA 6024 ~ Ph 9247 4800 ~ E

Currambine: Unit 4, 1 Hobsons Gate, Currambine, WA, 6028 ~ Ph 9304 2008 ~ E

Myaree: 48 McCoy Street, Myaree, WA, 6154 ~ Ph 9317 2699 ~ E

If you’re looking for an exciting event this winter season, look no further! WAIMA’s BJMA Winter Camp is a stimulating event that you shouldn’t miss this August. So, reserve your slot now! Call 9247 4800 for your reservation.

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