Parties, work functions, shopping, preparation and all the stress associated with the Christmas holidays can have an huge negative effect on your body.

It can be tough to keep Martial Arts training in mind during all the festivity and can  be strenuous maintaining a fitness regime over the holidays,  but doing so will be beneficial in many ways.

Plus, it will help you get on back on the mats in a breeze when you return for training in the new year.

You’ll probably be tired but I’m sure you can spend 15-20 mins every second day to maintain the great levels of fitness you have already achieved.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

1. 15 minute whole body work out.

20 seconds on 10 secs off 5 minute sets

Squats, Push ups, leg raises.

2. Light run 15 minutes.

Use lamp posts as guides.  Run 1 length and walk the next.  This is great for maintaining good cardio as well as the ability not to over do it.

3. Skipping

Grab your rope and skip lightly for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of 30 second sprint and 30 second cruise.

4. Go for a walk.  Open the door and GO GO GO!

5. Stretch.  Remember try to be warm for a 5 minute light warm up will aid your flexibility.

Remember this should be fun and rewarding.  Plus you can justify that extra guilt-free piece of Cake.