Shihan Phil discusses the importance of ensuring that YOU are a  priority in your own life by taking the time to care for your health and wellbeing and fuel yourself as you head into February!


Hey, what’s up? Shihan Phil Britten here. And in this video, I want to talk to you about drawing closer to the end of January and getting into routine. I guess, depending on where you are at, whether you have kids and you’re thinking about getting them back to school, probably a bit of a high five moment there for some parents, or as you’re getting back into the routine of going back to work for 2017, I really want you to make your focus for February and moving forward – giving yourself “you” time. You know, stop trying to be everything to everyone else and start giving you the time you need to be the best that you can be. And that goes to your training and eating healthy. That’s being fit and healthy and helping other people. You know, what do you need to set yourself up for success? I truly believe that giving yourself “you” time is very, very important because you can’t help everyone else if you’re not at your best. So my suggestion is block out your calendar, get your routine, include your training, and just make sure that you stick to your guns for 2017.