Good day. Phil Britten here, director of the WA Institute of Martial Arts. In the next coming videos, I want to talk to you about getting fit, staying fit. Not just mentally, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well. One of the main things that people fall down on when trying to improve their life is creating healthy habits. Creating habits that last a lifetime and not just a short time. Not those habits that we have those ideas that we do something and then it fades out.

You know, just like the journey of martial arts, it takes a long time. It’s not a quick fix. Although you will learn some valuable lessons in just a short amount of time, most of the lessons is more important in the journey towards black belt. Minimum of four years. And to create those healthy habits you have to do certain things at certain times, like turning up to training. Turning up on time. Being ready physically, mentally, emotionally to be able to handle the class. But the good thing is if you can create healthy habits, habits that are going to improve your life both personally, and professionally in your work, you’re going to get massive results in your life.

How do we keep habits? Well, they say it takes 30 days, a minimum of 30 days to create a habit. Anything after that, you’re almost trying to create a ritual. So a ritual is something that you will not stop doing. Habits are one of those things than can get pushed to the wayside. But doing martial arts consistently two or three times a week is creating great habits with your life. It’s giving you a place to get rid of the stress, forget about everything else that is going on in life, and focus solely on you.

Because isn’t that what life is all about? Making sure that you are enjoying it? And when we miss out on those things that we enjoy like meeting our friends at martial arts or having that release in that one hour when you come down to training. It’s so important that we create those healthy habits. And in the next few videos I’m going to talk to you a little bit about healthy habits with your mind, your body, and your soul as well.

Look guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I can’t wait to share with you some more tips, tools, and strategies that I use within our martial arts school and also in my life as well.