To achieve a healthy and fit body, one must commit to healthy habits and rituals. In this third video of a four-part series, Phil Britten, director of the WA Institute of Martial Arts, will share some long-term healthy habits on how he stays healthy and happy throughout the years. Check out the first video and second video to learn more healthy tips.


Good day, team. Phil Britten here, director of the WA Institute of Martial Arts, coming back at you with another video about healthy habits. Today, I want to talk about having a healthy body. And, really, isn’t that what we’re all trying to strive for as well? Being not just happy, but healthy. And if there is one thing that I know, that when I am feeling at my best physically, I am healthy. I’m working out. I’m going to the gym. I’m improving my martial arts training. I’m doing everything that I can.

And I liken this to a Formula One car. I’m sure most of you who are watching this have owned or still currently owning a car. There’s something that you have to do to your car on a regular basis. What is it? That’s right. Take it for a service. I hope you’re all doing that. It’s important, if you want your car to get you from Point A to Point B on time, that your car is working at its best available ability.

The same goes for the Formula One car and its driver. If you want to perform at a high level like an F1 car, you need to get high-level coaches, high-level maintenance staff, mechanics, to look after that car the best that they can so that when it’s doing its laps, it’s not going to break down. The same goes for you. You’ve got to make sure that your body is firing on all eight cylinders, because when you’re at your best, you’ll give your best. And when you’re giving your best, guess what, you’re going to get the best in return.

Living is all about giving, and the thing about it, the more that you give, the more that you get. Not that we do it for those reasons, but it’s just a natural law of attraction. It’s like yin and yang. It’s like winter and summer. It’s got to happen. I urge you guys, check where you are at with your body. Are you firing on all eight cylinders? Are you at your best? Do you go in for your maintenance checks, so to speak? Are you coming to training with the best mind set so that you can get the best out of those classes?

Everyone’s different with their limitations. Believe me, I know. Some people can jump high, run fast. Some people are good at boxing. Some people are good at kickboxing. It doesn’t really matter where you’re at with your physical ability, but if we consistently challenge ourselves, push the comfort zone, and always do your best, well, I can guarantee you results.

If you want to change your life, there is one thing that you should do time and time again, and that is got to do with your physiology. And that your physiology is a few things. It’s what you focus on, it’s also how you breathe, but it’s also how you feel, how you stand, how you posture. You get these benefits from training in martial arts, I guarantee.

All these videos are about helping you improve your self-worth physically, mentally, emotionally, as I keep saying. But at the end of the day, only you can do this. I can’t drive you to martial arts. I can’t drive you home, but once you’re here, I will do my best. My instructors will do their best to get you the results that you want.

But here’s the fact, and it’s sort of the home truth. Unless you’re going to get off your butt and drive yourself down here, or if we’re talking about parents to their kids, we’ve got to stay consistent, and we’ve got to stay committed. Because we can’t expect big change in our life by just turning up inconsistently, by turning up half-assed, if I say.

If you want to get great results, you have to put in great effort. If you want to be extraordinary, you have to do extraordinary things. That might mean when you’re sitting at home on the couch and comfortable when training is about to start, yup, let’s get even more uncomfortable. Off that couch, get to training, because you know the benefits that it’s going to give you. You’re going to walk away from that class feeling so energized, motivated, and inspired to be the best that you can.

So, guys, it’s all about healthy habits. Habits take time. It takes time to create a healthy habit. It takes even longer to create a ritual. When you’ve got that ritual happening in your life, well, then you’re setting yourself up for success.

Well guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video about a healthy body. Remember, I want you guys firing on all eight cylinders. If you have any issues or questions about what I’m taking about in these videos, please send us an email at with any questions, thoughts, or ideas of what we’re talking about. We’d love to hear from you guys. Ciao.