It’s amazing how much we have changed over the last 10 years. Children now spend more time on computers, tablets and game consoles than playing with friend and going outside.  According to Children Watch, on average children are now watching 3-5 hours of TV per day as well.  This increases during the holiday periods.

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So what can you do as a parent to focus on health and fitness for kids?

It is easy to turn on the electronic baby sitter, but with a little preparation you can involve your child in a whole unseen world that will keep them motivated and enthusiastic as well. How can you do this I hear you read?

Here are some simple tips to help.

1.  Grow your own veggies.  Whether you live in an apartment or house any simple pot can be turned into a veggie garden.  You can buy seed or seedlings from your local nursery.  Plant and encourage your children to water and fertilize daily.  Watch it grow and enjoy the food once it has grown. If it fails try again.

2.  The kids do a lot a Martial Arts Training throughout the year.  Why not get them to show it off?  Explain that you are very proud of what they have achieved and would like friends and family to see how far they have come.  A little encouragement goes a long way.  Use Free Forms as motivation, that way they can create a series of moves that they love and show there passion.

3.  Walk the dog.  a 15 minute walk around the block is easy and your dog will love it as well.  Don’t forget the plastic bag for the poop.

4.  BBQs.  Don’t forget the cricket set.  Get everyone involved.

5. Leave the Tablets and Games at home.  When you do go out don’t let them take them.  Take a book for the car ride and let them explore the area where you going.  If it’s a park set them a challenge.  How many species of birds are there? What type of trees are those?

There are many options. Check out the local government website to special days during the holidays as well.

Good luck and let you children enjoy there break without becoming lazy.