We help develop people’s goal setting techniques and are not just about martial arts classes. We’ve blogged on this general subject before and it’s a HUGE domain we just can’t do justice to in a blog.

However, we thought we’d pick out one tiny and illustrative example of why goal setting can be important in the context of that bane of business life – the meeting.

What do you want?

Have you ever:

  • sat in a meeting and wondered just why you were there?
  • come out of a meeting and wondered what, if anything, you’d got out of it?
  • gone into a meeting believing it would be, for you, a complete waste of your time?

These are all very common experiences and if you’ve had them, you’re far from unique!


In situations where you have a degree of freedom over your own actions, you should never attend a meeting unless:

  • you understand its purpose and outcome objectives;
  • it’s clear how these relate to your own personal and/or business goals.

In other words, your overarching goal is ** NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME**!


Now it’s true, you may choose to attend a meeting for what might seem to be intangible reasons. Perhaps you want to support a colleague or bolster the overall numbers of attendees.

That’s fine because that is still a goal and you’re not wasting your time in attending.

Prisoners of fate

The objection to this type of limited goal definition is often that “I don’t have any choice, my boss makes me go”.

Well, two things come out of that sentiment:

  • is that really true or just an excuse because you don’t want to face the issue of changing her or his behaviours?
  • if it really is true, you need to develop a new short-term goal fast – to CHANGE YOUR BOSS’S BEHAVIOURS.


There’s a saying that exists in many cultures, in one form or another, to the slightly sombre effect that “we’re a long time dead”.   In other words, none of us has time to waste in our lives, time that could be spent enjoying ourselves, doing good deeds and furthering our own goals and objectives.

Time is a precious luxury and our Goal Setting training at Waima can help you identify ways to stop wasting in it!