Exercise Myths…Exposed!

1) Women shouldn’t lift weights because it’ll make them bulky.

Women have too much estrogen to build large amounts of bulk. Guys build muscles faster because they have testosterone.

So ladies, don’t fear the barbells. Strength training helps decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently.

2) Your cardio machine is counting the calories you’re burning.

Some machines don’t even ask for your weight, sex or age it is often a rudimentary number that makes you feel good and help sell their product.

Machines generally don’t ask your body composition, If you’re at 18% body fat, you’re going to burn a lot more than if you’re female at 35% body fat. And how many people know their body fat percentage? Not many I would guess!

The number calculated by your machine is likely not accurate.

3) Your weight is the end all, be all.

I hear this all the time and not to generalize but it is usually the women who raise this point. My comeback is,

“ Wouldn’t you rather be 100 kg and have the body you desire or 50 kg and be overweight and unhappy? I am pushing the numbers here but only for emphasis. Muscle weighs more than fat so if you do workout chance are you may not lose a lot of weight and in some instance, you may put on a little. Go by the fit of your clothes and how you feel.

So get of the scales and grab your tape measure.

4) You can spot reduce for tight abs or toned arms.

You may have crunched in vain.

You won’t see muscle definition or a nice six-pack despite how many crunches you do, because of the layer of fat resting on top of your muscles.

If you want to flatten out your stomach and reveal that 6 pack, forget situps etc, Doing 100 situps a day for 7 years will lose you 450 grams of fat!! It will give you the 6 pack but still covered in a cozy blanket of fat. Get into your weights and Cardio, eat well and get 7-8 hours sleep a night… and Try a Circuit Class!!

 5)You can eat whatever you want if you exercise

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not knowing how much exercise equates

To the calories that people put into their mouths.

A study was conducted where women were told to work out in a gym undertaking their normal workout for a period of 45 minutes. They were then asked to go to a buffet where they were then told to eat as much as they burnt off in the previous gym session. The study found that the women ate  2-3 times as many calories that they had expended working out.