Friday, 20th March marks National Day against bullying.

Kids Helpline statistics shows that eight of ten children’s suicides relate to bullying.  Bullying is a preventable death for children. As a parent, you need to ask yourself:

“Does my child know how to stand up against bullying?”

And most importantly:

Do YOU know how to help your child against bullying?

If you answered no to these two questions, the time is now to take action!

Bullying has no boundaries, and you don’t know if or when it might affect your family.

That’s why this Saturday at 2:30 PM, we would like to bring the community together to take a stand against bullying and give yourself and your children some information about what to say and what to do when confronted with bullying issues.

During this event, we will go through some skills for children and their parents to help them with bullying and help them build confidence, and provide them the tools to deal with bullying when being confronted.  The workshop also opens up lines of communication between the child and the parent who is sometimes a very difficult part of the bullying process as children are reluctant to say something to their parent or teacher.

The workshop goes through four areas:

  1. Rule of RAD for children who are being bullied – to recognise, avoid and defend.
  1. Strategies for children to help a child being bullied such as, get there first, step in and take charge, distract and redirect, and leave and report.
  1. Parents will be given advice on the five steps they need to take when their child is being bullied going through – listen, reassure, ask, discuss and contact.
  1. The triangle of confidence – who are the three people that children can turn to when faced with these issues such as their parent, teacher, and friend. This will also go through an activity to help children recognise they are a valued in our community and do not need to tolerate bullying helping them develop emotional resilience to bullying.

The WA Institute of Martial Arts is always innovating ways to continue to strengthen core values.  We are determined to work closely with the community to combat bullying and give children the confidence they need to deal with bullying when they are being confronted.

WAIMA’S Anti-Bullying Vision Statement

The WA Institute of Martial Arts will strive to be the community leaders in combating bullying.

We will offer superior personal protection programs and teach world class character development skills that will build leaders and be advocates to pass this message to the wider community.

We are genuinely interested in educating the community giving them the knowledge to combat bullying and violence and have the confidence and resilience to deal with bullying.

Don’t let your child be another statistic! Join us Saturday, 21 March to take your stand against bullying:

Place: WAIMA Greenwood
Address: 15b Canham Way, Greenwood
Time: 14:30 PM

Call us now on 9247 4800 to reserve your spot.