Did you know that childhood cancer in Australia kills more children than any other disease? Yes, and cancer is terrible, especially in a child.

According to Children’s Cancer Institute, an independent Medical Research Institute in Australia, every year, over 625 children are diagnosed with cancer. The statistics show that the prevailing cancers among children, under the 15 year’s age group, are lymphoid leukaemia and brain cancer.

Personalised treatment is crucial to increasing these children’s survival rate. Proper medication is key to saving their lives and giving them the best possible quality of life. But, the cure for cancer is unknown thus far. Medical studies are still ongoing to identify cancer’s cure.

Once again, the WA Institute Of Martial Arts will take a stand with our community raising funds through sponsors with thousands of kicks being performed against cancer.

Here is a personal message from Renshi Phil Britten:

“So, it’s the time of year again where we do our part for charity, and in particular, we work with the Telethon Adventurers to help find the cure and fight the war against childhood cancer in Australia. We do that here at WAIMA via our Kickathon and Sparrathon events.

Each year, we’ve been able to exceed expectations with raising money, and this year is no different. We want you to do your part and take a part in doing what we can to help raise much needed money to fund the research and get the equipment that’s needed to make a difference in those kids’ lives.

If you know anyone who wants to donate to either yourself or us, the instructors, get on down, register your name and get involved. Every little bit makes a difference. Come on, team. Let’s do it!”

– Phil Britten, WAIMA

Get involved and help us raise money for The Telethon Adventurers with the WAIMA Kickathon. Telethon Adventurers raises money for cancer research. Don’t forget to purchase your $20 voucher pack, includes great discounts and all proceeds will go to the telethon adventurers.
Call us now on 9247 4800 or see us at reception.


23rd May 2015
2.30pm to 4.30pm

How it works:

Ask your family and friends to sponsor you for the amount of kicks that you have chosen to do on the day. Remember that 100% of all donations go to charity and every dollar counts.

  1. Collect the money.
  2. On the 23rd May bring your sponsorship form and your money raised to the event.
  3. Kick the number of kicks you have pledged to do.
  4. Bring your family and friends along on the day. This event is for the whole community so anyone can take part.


22nd May 2015
6.30pm to 8.30pm
$10 entry includes BBQ after.