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Feb 7
Avoid Stress

Knowing Yourself – Recognising Stress

Many of us don’t even recognise that we are under stress. We all sometimes use the term casually such as talking about somebody saying “they look stressed out” but what is stress and how can we recognise it? A psycho-medical...

Aug 2
Corporate Training

Confidence and Self-Assertion at Interviews

At WAIMA, we spend a lot of time building the self-confidence of our adult members through adult martial arts training etc. One area that increased confidence can be put to good use in is the job interview. Here are a...

Jun 6

Influencing Others by Taking Yourself Seriously

This is another in our occasional series relating to motivational speaking training. Here, we’ll be illustrating the importance of taking yourself seriously when trying to convince others. Self-deprecation Almost every day we see examples of people “putting themselves down”. Sometimes...

Dec 12

Persuasive Speaking – The Role of the Eyes

Here at Waima, we run training that’s aimed at improving your self-confidence and your powers of persuasion through conviction speaking. This is a rich seam of knowledge and techniques we’d like to share with you. There’s just far too much...

Aug 30
Punch Armadillo Safety Gloves

Tips for Motivational Speaking

We are not just about specific martial arts training. One of our specialist areas involves helping people develop the techniques required for motivational speaking – notably including the self-confidence that requires. This is a big subject and needs tuition. We...

Jul 4

Are Leaders Born or Made?

This is a great and traditional debating point and we’ll offer our view here – which is that it’s both. Birth The Nature versus Nurture debate has raged in various forms for millennia. As our knowledge of genetics has grown...

Jun 26

What is Motivational Speaking?

Entire libraries have been filled with books on this subject. If you look at them, you’ll see literally thousands of different definitions of “motivational speaking” and many of those will contradict others. Let’s demolish one myth immediately – motivational speaking...