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Jul 23

Visual Proof that Our Training Works!

We have lots of case studies to show how effective our training can be in helping you to both lose weight and improve your muscle mass/tone.  Even so, it’s nice to see an example that makes it as far as...

Feb 14
self defence

Attack and Defence in the Martial Arts

The terms “attack”, “defence” and “self-defence” can sometimes cause confusion to novices when discussing the martial arts. As regular readers of our blog will know, we are keen to explore some of the philosophical and spiritual guidance of martial arts...

Jan 31

What is the “Fight or Flight” Response?

A commonly heard phrase within the martial arts relates to the “fight or flight” response. Let’s examine here what that means. Survival Virtually all animals have, as their most powerful instinct, the need to survive. Whether we like it or...

Dec 26
braelene bridge

People in Focus – Braelene Bridge

I started my training when I was 13 years old. My parents had found a coupon for two months free training for myself and a friend. I was hooked from my first class, I knew I had to commit. Three...

Dec 17
Zara Phythian

Weekend Warrior – Zara Phythian

Zara Phythian was born on May 10, 1984 in Nottingham, UK. She started to train in the martial arts from the age of seven, learning the discipline of Shotokan Karate and achieving a second dan black belt before becoming a...

Dec 13
will harvey

People in Focus – Will Harvey

Inspired by video games and action movies at the age of 18, I began training in the martial arts. I drifted in and out of various martial arts systems, training briefly before losing interest and moving on. I didn’t realise...

Sep 20

Martial Arts and Deterrence

As another in our series of comments about self-defence, we’d like to say a few words about situations where you are forced to resort to your martial arts skills. Toleration Whatever techniques you apply and however conciliatory you may be,...

Aug 21

FAQs – Safety in the Dojo

Here we’ll deal with some questions that potential new members ask on the subject of the martial arts and safety when training. Do you have established safety roles in the dojo? It’s hard to stress just how seriously we take...

May 9

The Media and Martial Arts

Regular readers of our blog will know from past comments that we are not entirely enamoured with the way the martial arts are represented on TV and in the movies. In fact, that’s a deliberate understatement! We’d like to pick...