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Jan 24
Business Meeting

How to Lead a Business Meeting

There may be times in your professional career when you will be called upon to lead or as it’s sometimes called “chair” a business meeting. This is a big subject and specialist training is available to cover it but here...

Oct 30

Why People Belittle you at Interviews

Modern laws and enlightened HR practices now actively discourage offensive statements at job interviews. Questions relating to race, religion, sexual orientation or gender-based discrimination should all be an absolute “no-no”.  While there are no doubt some transgressions still, it’s hopefully...

Oct 10
interview tips

Job Interviews – Top Tips

In Australia, the job interview can be a quite intimidating prospect. Aussie businesses have a reputation for plain direct speaking and that can catch the unwary off-guard.  It’s also true that there are a number of “faux-pas” that can put...

Jul 4

Are Leaders Born or Made?

This is a great and traditional debating point and we’ll offer our view here – which is that it’s both. Birth The Nature versus Nurture debate has raged in various forms for millennia. As our knowledge of genetics has grown...