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Feb 2
Jaco Protection Short and Athletic Cup System

Heres How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Shihan Phil discusses the importance of ensuring that YOU are a  priority in your own life by taking the time to care for your health and wellbeing and fuel yourself as you head into February! TRANSCRIPTION BELOW Hey, what’s up?...

Jan 19
interview tips

Success Is A Journey Not A Destination

Most people want to be successful in their lives, but make the mistake of defining success as a destination rather than a lifelong journey. As you progress through your Martial Arts journey you will set goals, these will give you...

Nov 19

How To Protect Yourself Against An Armed Attacker

In any self-defence situation, your goal is not to hurt or kill your attacker.  It is to escape a dangerous confrontation and stay alive. But if this isn’t possible, be prepared to fight. In this video, International Defensive Solutions and WAIMA...