Still not convinced WAIMA is the martial arts school for you?

Don’t take our word for it… hear from some of our members on their experiences at WAIMA, we have many great success stories to share on how martial arts has transformed people’s lives.

WAIMA is a friendly and family orientated Dojo, where everyone feels like they belong, not just the students but the parents as well.

Since my two children aged 11 and 13 years have started at WAIMA 18 months ago, I and their school teachers have noticed a great improvement in concentration, commitment and perseverance in everything they do.

My main reason for having my kids start Martial Arts was for fitness, confidence and self worth, ALL of these factors have been and continue to be met. I have even learnt some skills just from watching and playing with my kids!
The classes are fun, (ALWAYS shown by the smiles on their faces), informative and very well structured. The Instructors have a fabulous rapport with the students, the respect that is shown to the instructors from the students is matched by the respect shown by the instructors to the students themselves.

I am also very impressed with the staff, instructors, and office staff they are all very positive, friendly and helpful at all times.

My children take part in Zen Do Kai, Black Belt Club, and Teens Thai classes, training three to four times per week, they also enjoy the wonderful friendships they have made since starting as have I.

The BEST investment myself and my husband have made for our children was to enrol them at WAIMA.

Tracey Churchman

Brooke had her 9th Birthday Party at WAIMA Sat 23 July 2011. Brooke and her 18 friends had a fantastic time. The Instructors taking Brooke’s party provided plenty of fun, exciting, challenging games, activities and moves.

The Instructors did an amazing job and we were surprised at how much the children enjoyed themselves and actively participated. We didn’t know what to expect from a ‘karate party’ but it was by far the best party we have held for Brooke. Brooke was made to feel special and it was a joy to watch Brooke and all her friends have such a good time. Many thanks.

Phil and Lynne Bradshaw

It means more than I can describe/express on paper. Being part of the Black Belt Club will help me to stay positive and mentally grow stronger while I keep moving on forward through my life challenges. It will also help me to stay physically and psychologically strong. Being a member of WAIMA now for 20 months and I can’t thank WAIMA enough for how much they have taught me about myself.

At times I have felt like giving up on myself but the positive self image, pride, and courage I have learnt from WAIMA up to this point has shown me more to life. I can’t imagine what I can learn about myself and other by being part of the black belt club but I know it will be special.

Louise Cooper

Thanks for all your efforts this year, Alex has really enjoyed it. He has come a long way in terms of concentration, controlling his feelings, interaction with his peers and physical capabilities. I hope he continues with his training as I believe the leadership group at WAIMA provides an excellent example of positive role modelling.

David Snape

I really have to say thank you.

My son has come a long way since starting karate. He was so shy and hardly listened. Since starting karate his confidence has tripled… it shocks me when he confidently speaks to strangers (good strangers) and he sounds so grown up.

He is proud of his achievements and progress and is developing strength, commitment, and resilience where before he would easily give up, karate has helped him with this you are all wonderful teacher.

I always recommend you and will continue to at every opportunity.

Angie Draca