WAIMA is rewarding all parents for their commitment to their child’s training. Parents can train for FREE for 3 months and receive a FREE uniform (ZDK uniform only). All  you need to do is register your interest in August and start your training in September.

Now is the perfect opportunity to take the time to do something that is perfect both for yourself AND for your family. As well as developing a shared interest with your children, think about the benefits for you! Imagine being stronger, fitter and healthier than you have been in years. See reception for more information.

Here’s a message from Shihan Graham:

“We are so proud of our WAIMA parents for their commitment to their child’s training and for giving them the gift of confidence for life.

As such and to say thank you, we’re rewarding all parents by offering THREE months of FREE training in our adults program.  

All you need to do is register your interest in August, join up in September and train for FREE all the way until the end of the year! You’ll also get a FREE Zen Do Kai uniform and FREE grading when you are awarded your Yellow belt.

 This is what one of our parents had to say who joined the Parents Free for Three promotion two years ago and still going strong:

 “It was the Parents Free for Three months that made me sign up, but it was the self defence training, family atmosphere and friends I have made, that made me stay”  —Kruti Patel-Shah, current member at WAIMA

Make sure you see our lovely reception staff and register your name and number or call: WAIMA Myaree on 9317 2699, WAIMA Greenwood on 9247 4800 or WAIMA Currambine on 9304 2008.

Book a time to see our Program Director and grab your FREE ZDK uniform. There are no commitments, no catches, just a big thank you for your time and effort.

We look forward to seeing you at the training!”

Graham McDonnell

Not only do you get three months FREE training, but your child will get a $50 gift card for referring you AND you will get put into the draw to win a $2500 travel voucher. So what are you waiting for?

Here are further testimonials by other members:

Don’t forget, if you’re interested, see our reception staff and register your name and number or call:

Greenwood: 9247 4800
Currambine: 9304 2008
Myaree: 9317 2699